What is the ECFMHC Credential?

A credential that validates experience, commitment and competence in the fields of Early Childhood and Mental Health, jointly endorsed by NHAIMH and the Child Development Bureau of NH Health and Human Services.

Why is it important?

Working effectively with young children and their family requires a specific and diverse body of knowledge and range of skills. The ECFMH credentialing process allows one to identify and develop needed skills. The achievement of the credential denotes competence and provides recognition in this field. Professionals acquiring the credential will have a concrete way in which to demonstrate their commitment and achievements, resulting in increased professional recognition and marketability.

How can I get it?

Between Fall of 2013 and Spring of 2016, 40 peopleacross the state, representing a wide range of early childhood related fields, have achieved their ECFMC credential. In the 2016-17 year, Reflective Practice Groups will be running in Manchester, Berlin and Antrim. Groups in Colebrook, franklin and elsewhere in the state are planned for 2017. These groups have been funded by the NH Endowment for Health, Project Launch, and the Department of Education through The SAfe SChools/Healthy Students and Project Aware grants.Individuals are also welcome to apply for the credential apart from these funded groups.

Qualified candidates must meet the education and experience for the level for which they are applying. the RPCs will guide and support professional developement, and provide the required consultation to candidates. When all of the credentialing requirements are met, the candidates will be awarded the credential. There are fees associated with the application for credential. The credential is awarded for 3 years, and renewal is easy. If you have questions or would like more information, contact Ellyn Schreiber at NHAIMH@gmail.com.

Congratulations to the following people who have completed their credentialing:

Advanced - Reflective Practice Consultants

Ellyn Schreiber

Maryann Evers

Nancy Macalister

Bethany Ricker

Carol Pivor

Sandy Hogan



Luci Ruppel
Emily  Burke
Stephanie Emmons
Valerie  Piper
Bethany  Ricker
Farrah Deselle
Jane Merrithew
Jenessa Deleault
Charlene Shields
Marcy Kelley
Jennifer LaCasse
Janis Lilly
Nancy Michaud
Maryann Gordon Evers
Nancy Macalaster


Elizabeth Achorn
Jennifer Bacon
Kathryn Burns
Blossom Dodge
Kassie  Lafrati
Kalyn  Hubbard
Sharon  Kaiser
Hannah Maynard Vung
Melissa McFarland
Karen Willett
Cindy Marsh
Beth Ketaineck
Sharon  Snider-Muller
Ann Tenney
Maryann Kelley
Lauri Johnson
Heather Parkinson
Laura Smith
Lorie Tweedy
Charna Aversa
ReGina Chavez
Patricia Patten
Caitlyn Finch
Nancy Lucci
Jennifer Fennelly
Bijoux Bahati
Fiona Quirk
Erin Boylan
Rebecca  Britton
Catherine Casey
Jacqueline Davis
Rebecca Guillory
Hari Gurung
Kim Philibert
Kimberly Rybczyk
Stephanie Therrien
Susan Wydra
Jen  Buteau
Amy Caron
Lisa Couture
Dawn Gooden


Kristen Kennet
Rebecca Lavoie
Carol  Lunan
Susan  Meehan
Tammy Messino


For more information about which level credential is right for you click here:

(Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced-RPC requirements).

For forms and instructions, click the credential that is right for you:

Appropriate for direct support providers in child care, education, health, special education or mental health, and professionals from other related fields   Advanced Credential Link   Advanced RPC Credential Link   Credential Renewal Link