New Hampshire Association for Infant Mental Health Annual Conferences

2019 - Understanding and Addressing the Impact of Maternal Substance Misuse

2018 - Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Overcoming its Impacts, Successful Strategies for Engaging Families

2017 - Working with the Worrier: Addressing Anxiety Concerns in Young Children

2016 - Self Reflection as a Clinical Tool for Families, Service Providers and Teams

2015 - From Risk to Resilience

2014 - Understanding and Promoting Neuro-development from Prenatal to Pre-school

2013 -Trauma in Early Childhood:  Assessment, Intervention and Supporting Families

2012 - Focusing on Fatherhood

2011 - Climbing the Ladder Toward Competency in Young Children's Mental Health

2010 - Eat Sleep and Be Merry: Regulation Concerns in Young Children

2009 – Evidenced-based Practices for Working with Young Children and Families

2008 – Attachment: Connecting for Life

2007 – Social Emotional Development: Promising Practices, Research and Policy

2006 – Supporting Young Children through Separation and Loss

2005 – The Screening and Assessing of the Social Emotional Concerns

2004 – Approaches That Work: Multi-Stressed Families and their Young Children

2003 – A Better Beginning: Parents with Mental Illness and their Young Children

2002 – The Road Less Traveled: Adoptive Families in the New Millennium

2001 – Processing Trauma and Terrorism

2000 – The Neurobiology of Child Development: Bridging the Gap Between Theory Research and Practice

1999 – Coming Together for Children and Families: Developing Comprehensive Systems of Care

1998 – Trauma: A Multi-Dimensional View

1997 – Fostering the Well Being of Families

1996 – A Promising Future

1995 – Building Relationships: Families and Professionals as Partners