"Shaping Lives Before Birth and Beyond"

The New Hampshire Association for Infant Mental Health has an Executive Committee and three Standing Committees. The Board prescribes the duties of all committees. Any member of the organization, in good standing, may serve on a committee. Each committee has co-chairpersons who are responsible for leading the work, reporting to the full Board and maintaining a current work plan.



Community Resources and Information Committee

Education and Training Committee

Membership Committee


Please consider becoming involved with the NHAIMH by serving on one of the Standing Committees. NHAIMH would greatly appreciate the leadership and expertise that you could bring to the work.

Committee members are asked to attend monthly meetings (call in participation is available) and be available to do tasks between meetings.

Contact a co-chairperson of the committee by email NHAIMH@gmail.com and he/she will contact you within (2) weeks.